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Anaïs. 21. ENFJ.
Southern California: born and bred. Music aficionado, shameless admirer of the human physique, and overall people watcher.

I watch that stupid MTV show about teenaged werewolves and friends.


For Anais(:

Look what he made me!!!! I feel really cool right now  :)

» Check out Spragwerks

Rich Sandomeno is one of the coolest guys ever. He designs jewelry, belt buckles, and general badassery. Check out his line, Spragwerks, please. Super high quality and awesome designs. Plus, if anyone wants to make my Christmas wishes come true…you know where to go  :P

Seriously….the things my mother sends me via Facebook while I’m in class.

The only thing they prove on IV, though, is what they’ve already confirmed with their previous release; Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster stink like wet fart from a bloated biker in a Skynyrd shirt. Seriously, some of this could have been straight off the last Poison record. It’s that bad.

— Jason Schreurs, in his review of MATSOD’s album IV

» This is beyond rad. Love Motion City



allow me to be the first to humbly say: HOLY FUCK


Two of my favorites…in one foto.